J & T Associates celebrates 18th Anniversary

“Time flies. It surely does. It feels like yesterday J & T Associates started its business organization. Today is the day exactly when “J & T Associates” was born. It was a full moment of excitement, anticipation, anxiety, and all kind of mixed emotions together. It has been a roller coaster ride for sure. I never thought we would come this far. I am very thankful to my team for supporting constantly” Noor Joshi, the founder of J & T Associates remembers how he set out to start something 18th years back on his own.

J & T Associates celebrates 18th Anniversary

J & T Associates started its business as a telemarketing company. Today we have become a team of the trusted outstanding company in Nepal along with clients all over from Australia, Korea, and China.


The success of J & T Associates

J & T Associates have been working hand-in-hand with different organizations. We put effort to satisfy the client’s needs and targets. Our clients are our business partners and supporter. Akama Hotel, APCA Nepal, Foodmandu, Media9, JICA, B & B hospital has been our back supporters.


With the help of proper planning and strategy, we have been adding core values to our business in a competitive market. We have been providing high-quality service to our clients. We directly approach our clients which also builds a relationship with our customers and partners.


Thus, we have been pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology. So, we have successfully been reaching the objectives of our clients.


Challenges of J & T Associates in years

The global market moves forward and becomes more competitive day by day. So, it wasn’t that easier for J & T as well to look for reliable partners to create a new service. But with a supportive team and timely interaction with the authorized party, we succeed in choosing the best team and companies which can encounter a service provider and target a new audience as well as the market. The main agenda behind promoting outsourcing business is to make our organization reliable from a financial aspect as well.


J & T Associates, as a team always try to cover new territories and industries which will help us to drive more results.


Learning of J & T Associates

J & T Associates have a never-ending learning process. We always focus on increasing core business activities. In years of time, we spent our quality time searching for reliable partners who helped us build a product or create a new service to enhance the better outcome.


We focused on building its brand and reputation. We also invest in research and growth. Not only that, but we focus on embracing the internal strengths, allowing the team to focus on our primary responsibilities and also develop a future strategy.


Technology has made our life easier. Hence, by spreading interactive programs and focusing on the direct pitch we successfully expanded our firm also our business is on profits.


Strategy for the future research direction of J & T Associates

J & T Associates will be focusing on improvising with other companies and improve various aspects of the business. We will try to access new skills and promote innovations.

  • We will try to focus on core tasks; especially during the rapid growth period.
  • The purchase of new equipment can be costly which is why we often focus on making it’s cost-effective to outsource than to expand the internal team. Lower hiring, training, and labor costs will also be focused.
  • We will support growth and associated with more companies in the future which can help us expand the business model and become competitive in the marketplace.


J & T Associates like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of the partners and supporters. We convey healthful thanks to all who have provided constructive comments to enhance the quality of services. We would also like to thank our partners and supporters for extending immense cooperation and providing us constructive advice time and again.

J & T Associates also acknowledge the continuous support and assistance of our colleagues who have supported us constantly. We hope this will contribute significantly to the body of knowledge and provide a direction for future research.