Partners of J & T Associates

Choosing the right outsourcing partners is the most difficult task that many organizations face these days. While selecting a sourcing partner for ITES or BPO services we should be dealing with every expectation of outsourcing relationship.


J & T Associates has been Nepal’s premier CRM and Outsourcing Solutions Company. The company offers outsourcing services and direct marketing of products and services to organizations in managing non-core business activities. The portfolio includes outsourcing with different organizations in multiple industries such as insurance, banking, financial services, telecom, schools, INGO’s, and many more.


Hence, we are sharing the good examples of J & T Associates and its partners who have been assisting each other in facing the present challenges and prepare them to move ahead to effectively address future challenges.


  1. Study and Work

Study & Work is a unique career and recruitment agency that has been successfully helping the students, graduates, and permanent skilled migrants to meet the needs of Australian employers; cost effectively and efficiently. We provide an opportunity to employers or students to pursue a successful career from their study or overseas profession. We help them through internship, graduate, and professional job placement programs.


  1. Opasa

Opasa is a friendly neighborhood food delivery flat-form with a collection of varieties of food menus from restaurants all over the city. You can order your food at your office or home anytime when you get hungry with a few taps in Opasa Customer Food Delivery App. Obama also helps you book a table at a restaurant of your choice so that you don’t have to cancel the plans of hanging out with your loved ones due to filled tables. The portals, apps, and brand of OPASA are owned and operated by J & T Associates itself.


  1. Auxilio Business Solution

Auxilio Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a digital agency that provides services like web design, SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, and many more services.


Merocareer is a job portal where employers find jobs, employment, and career opportunities. We can browse the list of vacancies available in different parts of Nepal under different fields here. Employers apply for the relevant jobs as per their requirements and interest.


  1. Genies4hire

Genies4hire is an online peer to peer marketplace. This helps to bring two willing parties, i.e. sender and requester who want to buy or send goods to or from overseas.


  1. Dropmandu

Dropmandu is a technologically driven marketplace for the transportation industry. It helps to connect the vehicle drivers with customers looking to use transportation services within Nepal. The objective of Dropmandu is to provide quick, efficient, hassle-free with an upfront pricing policy, transportation service is in on-demand service or future transportation requirement. We help the owners reach out to the market as well as the customers.


Moreover, we believe in providing the total solution for the business that is facing challenges. By outsourcing functions such as recruitment, placement, marketing functions employee benefit, administration, and many more we help the organization and employees enjoy their work-life balance best met.