Document digitization and disposal service

JNT Associates offers comprehensive document digitization and disposal service in Nepal. The service is developed to extract valuable data out of your documents while protecting your private business information. Data plays a vital role in your important business decisions. The physical documents you have stored and accumulated throughout these years may contain meaningful data. The success of your business depends on how you control, protect and secure these documents.

We can help you with digital scanning, indexing, digitizing, and secure the disposal of your documents. Our digitization method converts your paper document into industry-standard digital formats which can be integrated into the Document Management System.

Our document digitization and disposal service include the following steps:

1. Document digital scanning service

Our document scanning service turns your business documents into more valuable digital business data. Our scanning approach involves quick, accurate, secure, and superior-quality image scans. The image scan is further managed by a Document Management system for convenient management and handling.

Things covered in the scanning process?
a. Preparation for scanning (removal of staples etc)
b. Document counting and sorting
c. Imaging to PDF which is fully searchable
d. Supply of scanned files on your hard drive or cloud storage

2. Systematic document indexing services

document digitization and disposal service
We provide systematic document record archiving and indexing services for easy retrieval of information whenever required. The scanned document is properly indexed as per your business requirement in form of excel or in a state of an art Document Management system. Thus enabling you to quickly search through digital data of your scanned documents.

3. Secure document disposal

An organization deals with a lot of documents containing sensitive information like customer information records, financial reports, employee records, confidential information. It is of utmost importance to protect and secure such documents. We use large scale shredding and disposal machine for 100% secure and private disposal service.

Please feel free to write us for your custom requirements for document digitization and disposal in Nepal.