Reliable Driver Outsourcing Company In Nepal

What is J&T’s driver outsourcing?


Reliable Driver Outsourcing Company In NepalDriver outsourcing services is the new service started by J&T in response to the high demand of driver for personal or corporate use. It’s an easy way to get access to the pool of experienced and qualified drivers.

Also, those who are looking to hire a private driver in Nepal, JNT is the perfect choice for you. We all know hiring a driver is a tedious process, consuming lots of time for a corporate house and individuals.

J&T’s driver outsourcing service is the perfect solution for this worrisome work. This makes the employer tension free of salary, provident fund, insurance, trust issues and all the other cost that comes along when you hire a driver yourself.

We have the separate dedicated team to handle all the management and process so hiring a driver is just a piece of cake for you. This makes us designated driver service provider in Nepal.

Let me give you a short narrative of how you can benefit from our outsourcing company. Say, you need a driver for 15 months and have an idea where to get a driver but you don’t have an idea where to get a reliable driver.

This is where we come to rescue you, you contact us then our respective contact person will get all the details we need from you and pass you the necessary information you should be aware of e.g. price, a contract detail, etc. We will access your requirement and send you the driver that is capable of driving your vehicle. Plain and simple

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Types of driver we offer


  • Part-time
  • Full time
  • Hourly basis

We are very flexible in terms of driver you want to hire. We can arrange one as per your need. Further, we can customize the terms and condition that is suitable for both of us. Either you need part time, full time or permanent driver we can arrange it for you. Our services and price are unrivaled when you compare with others

We have the expertise what type of drive we need to hire and what type of driver is suitable for your vehicle. Let us take your all the necessary burden that comes with hiring and keeping a driver and you be free and calm.


Benefits of involving with the professional driver outsourcing company


Experienced and professional drivers


We select only those individuals who fit our terms and condition. Driving skills is not only the main criteria for our selection further we look into trustworthiness, behavior, appearance, reliability, etc. Which matter most in this kind of jobs. This leads to our client receiving the best driver with stress-free service. Driver outsourcing service is our new venture and we want to start by providing a suitable driver for our client.


Dedicated supervisor to monitor the drivers


We have our experienced management team to handle all the inconvenience that comes on the way. Say a driver you hired is sick, we will be able to send another one so it doesn’t disturb your works. Or we offer an immediate replacement on a need basis when a drive is on leave. We have a proper tracking system for your driver. We are always available to hear your queries and help you.


Minor things that have a big impact


Our driver’s pool is created from all the location so we send you the one that resides close to your location. Proximity helps a lot in work thus increasing efficiency and punctuality. We strictly follow Nepal labor law guidelines so nothing that bothers in the future. We don’t have any hidden cost plus a clear calculation of overtime so no one is hampered.


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